7 Common Kubota SVL97-2 Problems(With Solutions)

In heavy-duty machinery, the Kubota SVL97-2 stands tall, known for its power and efficiency. However, like any mechanical equipment, it is not immune to issues that might arise during operation.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into common problems associated with the Kubota SVL97-2 and provide practical solutions to ensure seamless performance.

Let’s jump in.

Kubota SVL97-2 Problems

1. Hydraulic System Hiccups

The Kubota SVL97-2, while a robust machine, may encounter hydraulic system issues. One prevalent problem is unexpected jerks or delays in response. This can be attributed to various factors, such as fluid contamination or a malfunctioning hydraulic pump.


Regularly check hydraulic fluid levels and quality. Implement a scheduled maintenance routine to flush and replace hydraulic fluids. In cases of persistent issues, consult with a certified Kubota technician for a thorough examination.

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2. Track Tension Troubles

Efficient track tension is vital for the proper functioning of the Kubota SVL97-2. Owners may experience problems like uneven tension, leading to track misalignment and premature wear.


Utilize the operator’s manual to adjust track tension properly. Regularly inspect the undercarriage for signs of wear, and replace any damaged components promptly. Implementing routine inspections can prevent major issues.

3. Engine overheating

Extended operation or inadequate cooling can result in the Kubota SVL97-2’s engine overheating. This can lead to performance degradation and potential long-term damage.


Ensure proper cooling system maintenance, including radiator cleaning and coolant level checks. Monitor engine temperature during operation and shut down the machine if it approaches critical levels. Regularly inspect hoses and belts for wear and tear.

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4. Electrical System Glitches

Owners may encounter electrical system malfunctions, manifested by issues like flickering lights or non-responsive controls. These problems can be traced back to damaged wiring or faulty components.


Conduct regular checks on the electrical system, inspecting the wiring for signs of wear or damage. Replace damaged components promptly and ensure proper insulation. Consult the Kubota SVL97-2 manual for accurate wiring diagrams.

5. Unusual Noise from the Transmission

Unusual noises during operation can indicate potential problems within the transmission system. This may include grinding sounds or erratic shifts.


Perform regular inspections on the transmission system, checking for loose components or signs of wear. Address any abnormal noise promptly to prevent further damage. Lubricate transmission components as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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6. Fuel Efficiency Decline

A decline in fuel efficiency can be a concern for Kubota SVL97-2 owners, impacting operational costs. This issue may arise due to clogged fuel filters, injector problems, or inefficient combustion.


Implement a regular inspection of the fuel system, including fuel filters and injectors. Replace clogged filters and address injector issues promptly. Ensure adherence to the recommended fuel quality to optimize combustion efficiency.

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Maximizing Kubota SVL97-2 Performance

1. Optimal Operating Practices

To mitigate potential issues, operators must adhere to the recommended operating practices outlined in the Kubota SVL97-2 manual.

This includes adherence to load capacities, operating temperatures, and regular maintenance schedules.

2. Routine Maintenance Schedule

Implementing a proactive maintenance schedule is paramount for preventing problems before they escalate. Regularly inspect and service the machine, addressing any identified issues promptly.

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Kubota SVL97-2 Maintenance Guide

ComponentMaintenance TaskFrequencyAdditional Notes
Hydraulic SystemCheck fluid levels and qualityWeeklyUse recommended hydraulic fluid.
 Scheduled maintenanceEvery 250 hoursConsult Kubota technician for thorough examination.
Track TensionAdjust track tensionMonthlyRefer to operator’s manual for proper adjustment.
 Undercarriage inspectionBi-monthlyReplace damaged components promptly.
EngineCooling system maintenanceQuarterlyClean radiator and check coolant levels.
 Monitor engine temperatureDuring operationShut down if temperature approaches critical levels.
 Inspection of hoses and beltsMonthlyReplace worn or damaged components.
Electrical SystemRegular checksMonthlyInspect wiring for wear or damage.
 Replace damaged componentsAs neededRefer to Kubota SVL97-2 manual for wiring diagrams.
TransmissionRegular inspectionsBi-monthlyCheck for loose components or signs of wear.
 Address abnormal noiseImmediatelyLubricate transmission components as recommended.
Fuel SystemRegular inspectionMonthlyCheck fuel filters and injectors.
 Replace clogged filtersAs neededAddress injector issues promptly.
 Adhere to fuel qualityAlwaysUse recommended fuel for optimal combustion.

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Final Remarks

The Kubota SVL97-2, with its powerful performance, is an asset in various industries. By understanding and proactively addressing common problems, owners can ensure prolonged machine lifespans and uninterrupted operations.

Implementing the suggested solutions and adhering to best practices can not only resolve existing issues but also prevent future complications.

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