9 Common Husqvarna 445 Problems(With Solutions)

The Husqvarna 445 is a popular and reliable chainsaw that is commonly used for various cutting and trimming tasks.

However, like any mechanical equipment, it may encounter certain problems over time.

In this post, we will address some common issues that Husqvarna 445 owners may face and provide troubleshooting tips for effective solutions.

Let’s get started.

Husqvarna 445 Problems

Husqvarna 445 Problems

1. Starting Issues

One of the primary problems reported by users is difficulty starting the Husqvarna 445 chainsaw.

This issue could be attributed to several factors, such as a clogged air filter, a faulty spark plug, or a flooded engine.

husqvarna 445 chainsaw problems

To resolve starting issues, it is recommended to clean or replace the air filter, check and clean the spark plug, and ensure proper fuel mixture and choke settings.

2. Loss of Power

Another problem that users may encounter is a loss of power during operation.

A dirty or clogged fuel filter, a worn-out spark plug, or an improperly adjusted carburetor are just a few causes of this.

husqvarna chainsaw problems

To address this issue, it is important to clean or replace the fuel filter, replace the spark plug if necessary, and adjust the carburetor settings according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Overheating Problems

Overheating is a common issue that can occur when using the Husqvarna 445 for extended periods or in challenging conditions.

This can lead to engine damage if not addressed promptly. To prevent overheating, ensure proper air circulation by cleaning the cooling fins and air intake regularly.

common problems with husqvarna chainsaws

Additionally, avoid running the chainsaw at high RPMs for prolonged durations and allow it to cool down between uses.

4. Fuel System Troubles

Problems related to the fuel system can cause performance issues with the Husqvarna 445.

These issues may include fuel leaks, fuel line blockages, or a malfunctioning fuel pump.

To rectify fuel system troubles, inspect the fuel lines for any cracks or leaks, clean or replace the fuel filter, and ensure the proper functioning of the fuel pump.

5. Chain Brake Malfunction

The chain brake is a vital safety feature on the Husqvarna 445, and any malfunction can pose a significant risk to the operator.

If you experience issues with the chain brake, such as it not engaging or disengaging properly, it is crucial to address the problem immediately.

Inspect the chain brake mechanism for any obstructions or damage, and ensure proper lubrication of the brake band and pivot points.

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6. Guide Bar Issues

The guide bar is an essential component that guides the cutting chain during operation.

Problems with the guide bar can affect the chainsaw’s performance and may lead to uneven cuts or chain binding.

Regularly inspect the guide bar for signs of wear, such as bent or worn rails, and replace them if necessary. Proper lubrication of the guide bar is also crucial to ensure smooth operation.

7. Chain Tensioning Problems

Maintaining the correct tension of the cutting chain is vital for optimal performance and safety.

If you encounter difficulties in tensioning the chain or notice excessive chain slack, it is important to address this issue promptly.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to adjust the chain tension correctly, and regularly inspect the chain for signs of wear or damage.

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8. Oil Leakage

Oil leakage is a common problem with chainsaws, including the Husqvarna 445. If you notice oil leaking from the chainsaw, it is crucial to identify and resolve the issue to prevent damage to the equipment.

Inspect the oil tank, oil pump, and oil lines for any leaks or blockages. Clean or replace any faulty components and ensure the proper functioning of the oil pump.

9. Exhaust Smoke

Excessive exhaust smoke can indicate problems with the engine’s combustion process or lubrication system.

If you observe abnormal smoke emissions from the Husqvarna 445, it is advisable to check the air filter for dirt or clogs, clean or replace the spark plug, and ensure the proper fuel-to-oil ratio mixture.

If the issue persists, it may require professional inspection and servicing.

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Why is Husqvarna hard to start?

1. Fuel Issues

If the fuel in the chainsaw is old or contaminated, it can make starting the engine difficult.

It’s crucial to use fresh, high-quality fuel and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the fuel-to-oil mixture ratio.

2. Spark Plug Problems

A faulty or dirty spark plug can hinder the ignition process, leading to starting issues. Cleaning or replacing the spark plug regularly is essential for optimal performance.

3. Air Filter Blockage

 A clogged air filter restricts the airflow to the engine, affecting the combustion process and making it harder to start the chainsaw.

Cleaning or replacing the air filter when it becomes dirty is crucial.

4. Flooded Engine

Over-priming the engine or pulling the starter cord excessively can flood the engine with excess fuel, causing starting difficulties.

To address this, allow the engine to sit for a few minutes and then try starting again without priming.

5. Choke and Throttle Settings

Incorrect settings of the choke and throttle can impede starting. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper choke and throttle positions during startup is important.

6. Faulty Ignition System

Issues with the ignition system, such as a malfunctioning ignition coil or magneto, can make starting challenging. Professional inspection and repair may be required in such cases.

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Why does my chainsaw start and then stop?

Possible CausesDescription
Fuel IssuesInsufficient or contaminated fuel can cause the engine to start but then stall. Check fuel quality and ensure the correct fuel-to-oil mixture ratio is used.
Air Intake ProblemsA malfunctioning carburetor can result in an inadequate fuel-air mixture, causing the chainsaw to start but then shut off. Carburetor may need cleaning or adjustment.
Carburetor TroublesMalfunctioning carburetor can result in an inadequate fuel-air mixture, causing the chainsaw to start but then shut off. Carburetor may need cleaning or adjustment.
Spark Plug ConditionWorn-out or faulty spark plug can cause intermittent starting and stalling. Check and clean or replace the spark plug as necessary.
Exhaust System BlockageBlocked or clogged muffler or exhaust port can disrupt exhaust flow, leading to starting issues and engine stalling. Inspect and remove any obstructions or buildup.
Ignition System ProblemsFaulty ignition components (coil, spark arrestor, etc.) can cause starting problems and subsequent stalling. Professional inspection and repair may be necessary.
OverheatingProlonged and continuous operation can cause engine overheating and automatic shutdown. Allow sufficient cooldown before attempting to start the chainsaw again.
Why does my chainsaw start and then stop

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Common Problems with Husqvarna Chainsaws

ProblemPossible CausesSolutions
Starting Issues:
1. Difficulty Starting:Stale fuel, clogged air filter, faulty spark plug.Use fresh fuel, clean or replace the air filter, check spark plug.
2. No Start:Ignition system issues, fuel supply problems.Check spark plug, ignition coil, fuel lines, and fuel filter.
Poor Performance:
3. Lack of Power:Dirty air filter, clogged exhaust, dull chain.Clean/replace air filter, clean exhaust, sharpen or replace chain.
4. Engine Stalls:Carburetor issues, fuel mixture problems.Clean carburetor, adjust fuel mixture according to manual.
Chain Issues:
5. Chain Doesn’t Move:Chain brake engaged, clutch problems.Release chain brake, inspect and repair clutch assembly.
6. Chain Tension:Loose chain, incorrect tension adjustment.Adjust chain tension as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
7. Chain Dullness:Blunt chain teeth.Sharpen or replace the chain.
Oil and Lubrication Issues:
8. Lack of Chain Lubrication:Clogged oil ports, insufficient oil level.Clean oil ports, ensure proper oil flow, check oil level.
9. Oil Leakage:Worn or damaged oil seals, loose parts.Replace damaged seals, tighten all parts securely.
Noise and Vibration:
10. Excessive Vibration:Damaged or loose parts, dull chain.Inspect for damage and secure all parts, sharpen or replace chain.
11. Unusual Noise:Loose components, worn parts.Inspect and tighten parts, replace any worn components.
Safety and Handling:
12. Kickback:Incorrect technique, dull chain, improper bar.Learn proper cutting technique, sharpen chain, use suitable bar.
13. Overheating:Continuous heavy use, insufficient cooling.Allow the chainsaw to cool down between extended use.
Electrical Issues:
14. Ignition Problems:Faulty ignition coil, spark plug issues.Test and replace faulty components, if necessary.
15. Starting Mechanism Issues:Recoil starter problems, starter rope damage.Repair or replace the recoil starter mechanism as needed.

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Final Remarks

The Husqvarna 445 is a reliable and robust chainsaw that may encounter certain problems during its lifespan.

By being aware of the common issues discussed in this article and following the troubleshooting tips provided, you can effectively address and resolve these problems.

Regular maintenance, proper usage, and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines will contribute to the longevity and optimal performance of your Husqvarna 445 chainsaw.


How often should I clean or replace the air filter of my Husqvarna 445 chainsaw?

It is recommended to clean or replace the air filter of your Husqvarna 445 chainsaw every 10 hours of operation or as indicated in the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can I use regular gasoline instead of premixed fuel for my Husqvarna 445 chainsaw?

No, Husqvarna advises using premixed fuel specifically made for two-stroke engines. Using regular gasoline can lead to engine damage and void the warranty.

How frequently should I sharpen the cutting chain of my Husqvarna 445 chainsaw?

The frequency of chain sharpening depends on usage and the type of cutting task.

As a general guideline, it is recommended to sharpen the chain every 2-3 hours of operation or when you notice a decrease in cutting efficiency.

What type of lubrication oil should I use for the Husqvarna 445 chainsaw?

Husqvarna recommends using its own brand of bar and chain oil, specifically formulated for chainsaws.

Using the appropriate oil will ensure optimal lubrication and minimize wear on the guide bar and cutting chain.

Can I replace the guide bar and chain on my Husqvarna 445 with parts from other brands?

While it is possible to use compatible guide bars and chains from other reputable brands,

it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and choose components that are specifically recommended for the Husqvarna 445 model to ensure proper fit and performance.

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