John Deere 790 Problems(5 Quick Ways To Fix)

When it comes to compact tractors, the John Deere 790 is a popular choice among farmers and landowners.

Known for its reliability and versatility, the 790 model has been a trusted workhorse for many.

In this post, we will explore some common issues that owners may encounter with the John Deere 790 and provide insights on how to address them.

John Deere 790 Problems

1. Engine Troubles

One of the most common issues reported by John Deere 790 owners relates to engine problems.

These can include difficulties starting the engine, loss of power, excessive smoke, or unusual noises.

Engine issues may arise due to fuel system problems, clogged filters, or general wear and tear.

2. Electrical Issues

Electrical malfunctions can cause a range of problems on the John Deere 790.

These can manifest as issues with the lights, gauges, or other electrical components. Fuses, switches, and wiring should be checked if any electrical anomalies occur.

3. Hydraulic System Malfunctions

The hydraulic system is responsible for powering various attachments and implements on the John Deere 790.

Owners have reported leaks, slow or unresponsive operation, or issues with the hydraulic lift arms.

Regular inspection, fluid level checks, and maintenance are crucial to preventing or addressing hydraulic system problems.

3. Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can lead to difficulty shifting gears, grinding noises, or failure to engage properly.

This can be caused by low transmission fluid levels, damaged clutch plates, or worn-out gears.

Prompt attention and proper maintenance can help resolve these issues.

4. PTO (Power Take-Off) Failures

The PTO system allows the tractor to transfer power to implements such as mowers or tillers.

Failures in the PTO can result in the inability to engage or disengage the PTO shaft or a loss of power.

Regular lubrication and inspection of the PTO system are vital to prevent such problems.

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5. Fuel System Complications

Fuel system problems can arise from issues such as contaminated fuel, clogged filters, or a malfunctioning fuel pump.

These can cause the engine to run poorly or even stall. Regular maintenance and adherence to proper fuel quality are essential to keeping the fuel system functioning optimally.

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Engine TroublesDifficulty starting, loss of power, excessive smoke, unusual noises
Electrical IssuesProblems with lights, gauges, and other electrical components
Hydraulic System MalfunctionsLeaks, slow or unresponsive operation, issues with lift arms
Transmission ProblemsDifficulty shifting gears, grinding noises, failure to engage
PTO (Power Take-Off) FailuresInability to engage or disengage, loss of power
Fuel System ComplicationsPoor engine performance, stalling, contaminated fuel
John Deere 790 Problems

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Maintenance Tips for John Deere 790

To minimize the occurrence of problems with your John Deere 790, it’s crucial to follow a proactive maintenance routine.

  • Regular Inspection and Lubrication: Inspect the tractor regularly for signs of wear or damage, and lubricate all moving parts as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Fuel System Maintenance: Keep the fuel system clean by using high-quality fuel and regularly changing fuel filters.
  • Battery Care: Ensure the battery terminals are clean and tight, and the battery is properly charged to avoid electrical issues.
  • Hydraulic System Maintenance: Regularly check the hydraulic fluid level and condition, and follow the recommended maintenance schedule for the hydraulic system.

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How to Fix John Deere 790 Problems

In case you encounter any problems with your John Deere 790, here are some troubleshooting steps and solutions for common issues:

Engine Troubleshooting 

Check fuel filters, inspect the air intake system, and ensure proper fuel flow to resolve engine-related problems.

Electrical System Diagnosis and Fixes

Inspect fuses, switches, and wiring for any damage, and replace faulty components as needed.

Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

Check for leaks, ensure the proper fluid level, and examine hydraulic hoses for any signs of wear or damage.

Transmission Issues and Solutions

Verify the transmission fluid level, inspect clutch plates, and consult the service manual for troubleshooting steps.

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PTO Troubleshooting Tips

Lubricate the PTO components, inspect the PTO clutch, and ensure proper engagement and disengagement.

Fuel System Problem Solving

Drain contaminated fuel, replace clogged filters, and check the fuel pump for proper operation.

Final Remarks

The John Deere 790 is a reliable compact tractor that offers exceptional performance. However, like any machine, it can experience problems over time.

For further help contact John Deere Support

By following a proactive maintenance routine and addressing issues promptly, owners can ensure the longevity and optimal functionality of their John Deere 790.

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What should I do if my John Deere 790 engine fails to start?

If your engine fails to start, check the fuel supply, battery, and ignition system for any issues.

Ensure that the fuel filters are clean and the battery is charged. If the problem persists, consult a qualified technician.

Why is my hydraulic system not working properly on the John Deere 790?

Low fluid levels, leaks, or damaged components can all be the root of hydraulic system problems.

Check the fluid level, inspect the hoses for leaks, and ensure all connections are secure. If the problem persists, seek professional assistance.

How often should I perform maintenance on the fuel system of my tractor?

Regular maintenance of the fuel system is essential to prevent problems. Use high-quality fuel and change the fuel filters as the manufacturer directs.

It’s also important to drain any contaminated fuel promptly.

What could be causing my transmission to slip on the John Deere 790?

Low fluid levels, worn-out clutch plates, or damaged gears can all be the cause of transmission slipping.

Check the transmission fluid level and condition, and consult the service manual for further troubleshooting steps.

How can I avoid damage to the PTO clutch on my tractor?

Proper lubrication of the PTO components and regular inspection of the clutch is essential to avoid damage.

Ensure the clutch engages and disengages smoothly, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance.

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